Speed 2: Cruise Control vs. Speed



Pop quiz, hot shot. The original vs the sequel. Which do you choose, which do you choose? Gotta go with the original, no doubt.

Sounds crazy but I actually like Cruise Control. This is a tough decision and I'm sure the pair could easily switch places in the future on my Flickchart. I'm gonna say Speed 2 nabs it by a hairs breadth because of the immense boat crash at the end... plus it has Wilhem Defoe and Jango Fett in it.

Slightly prefer the Original one it was that explosion going to rush hour to quick it is the second one was actually crash into the land

I'm the first guy to defend crappy action movies from the 1990s, but Speed 2: Cruise Control is truly atrocious. Bad characters, bad plotting, bad everything. Speed obviously wins...

Speed is one of those great 90s action movies...Speed 2 is not.

Ya know, I really don't hate the second one. It's shitty, but it's not so shitty that it deserves all the crap it gets. It's a late-90's action movie, what did everyone expect? Given, it's a shitty sequel to one of the best action movies of the 90's, which is a big red-x anyway. But it I've seen worse. Much worse.

Anyone that ends up picking the 2nd on here is not human.

Dennis Hopper > Willem Dafoe Keanu Reaves > Namless Man