Pay It Forward vs. Eraserhead



I didn't particularly like Eraserhead, but I downright despised Pay It Forward.

Thought the message in Pay it forward was great but the film wasnt -Eraserhead is artsy not a lot of people will understand it but the film is excellent for trying to be different.


Pay it forward isn't anywhere near my top 100, but Eraserhead is as far from it as possible. Eraserhead is a sad excuse for a movie, it basically has no plot or story arch. Henry has zero redeemable qualities, and the same could be said about any character in the movie. The only redeemable thing about this piece of trash is the lady in the radiator's song, and that is just a few minutes out of a gigantic waste of time. Eraserhead is what they should make pediphiles, and rapists watch to make them regret their life choices.

I couldn't stand Eraserhead. Just didn't work for me. Pay It Forward by default...