Ad Astra vs. The Martian



This firmly boils down to do I prefer Brad Pitt or Matt Damon, Overall I think Ad Astra is the slightly better of the two.

I like Ad Astra but the third act was very anti-climatic and there were a lot of glaring plot holes. Still has a great lead performance and nice visuals and themes. The Martian has a great charm to it as well as an exciting plot. Also, I definitely prefer Damon over Pitt!

The Martian delivered more heart.

The Martian is far better.

The Martian is light-years better. Galaxies better. Not even a comparison really. Ad Astra is a mopey and dreary mess to be honest.


Ad Astra.

Ad Astra is good, but very subdued. I'll take The Martian, which has much more life to it.

Love both with all my heart, but Ad Astra was a bit more interesting to me than The Martian. The Martian came across as very clever and beautifully made. Ad Astra however was not only just as visually stunning, but more emotional. So my vote goes to Ad Astra!

Yeah, Ad Astra is a depressing waste compared to Martian.

Ad Astra could have made a really excellent 25-minute feature. As it stands, however, the "movie" is fat with onanistic lethargy.


The Martian sustained your interest throughout.

There's a lot to like about Ad Astra, but most of those things are also present in The Martian, which is simply more fun.