Day & Night vs. Toy Story 3



Day & Night is the short which preceded Toy Story 3. It was unlike any of their other shorts because it was 2D. Clever like all of them but I didn't think it was one of the better Pixar shorts.

When did the Pixar shorts go up? I got told they weren't going to be added to the database! The trouble with putting a Pixar short up against a Pixar feature is that the feature is almost certain to win, largely because they're just as good and about 20 times longer. Toy Story 3 is the clear winner.

Obviously Toy Story 3 wins here but I have to add that I was pretty disappointed in Day & Night. It just doesn't match up to recent Pixar shorts. A lazy effort in my opinion.

Personally, I adored "Day & Night." Maybe it's because I've spent most of my life in bitter opposition to morning people and their arrogant belief that the rest of the world ought to operate on their schedule. Night's showcase of Vegas was pretty sweet. Still, I too favor the feature film to the short here.

Toy Story 3, obviously.

Day & Night is one of my favorite things Pixar has ever done. Beautiful, simple, yet meaningful. But it can't compete with a feature film like Toy Story 3.

In "Day & Night," Pixar combined the tropes of the classic hand-drawn 'toons with their state-of-the-art CGI to make a social statement that worked on multiple levels--the combining of the animation styles was itself a metaphor for the message of the short film. It used both sound and visuals in interesting ways to tell a story of two characters without dialogue. It is a brilliant film. And "Toy Story 3" is my highest-rated animated film of all time. It's not just Pixar's creative pinnacle but the pinnacle of what an animated film can be.

Day & Night was very good Pixar short, but it's a joke if you prefer it than Toy Story 3.

TS 3 may have messed up on its climax, but the rest is good enough to even out Day and Night easily.