Ringu vs. The Ring



Nobody has compared these yet? I'm surprised. It's a tough one. The original is, well, the original. It is also older so that the feel of the movie is a little more unsettling. However, in my opinion The Ring was one of the few times a foreign horror movie was well made within a different culture. I am going with what scared me forever from white noise.

Ringu didn't need to be remade, but since it was you'd hope that the new one would offer something new and different, but it didn't. It was pretty much the same movie, only American. To me, the first one felt more genuine and ominous, not polished like the Holywood version. So, yeah, my vote is Ringu.

The Ring is a terribly americanized version. It lost almost all the charm of the original movie. If I was the President of Cinema (if there was such a thing), I would put a Remake Ban and The Ring would be my main example. Not really a hard choice here. Japan is vastly superior.

The Ring is one huge reason I’m a horror junkie. It’s a perfect film. It is the only American remake of Japanese horror that I like. I love Ringu, One Missed Call, Pulse, Dark Waer, Ju-On. They are amazing! But The Ring & Texas Chainsaw remakes are my unpopular opinions.

The Texas Chainsaw massacre remake was a decent one though the original did not need a remake at all, but the remake of Ringu, The Ring is just you know, too american... These american producers, it is too much to handle for them, they love to add their own touch to a rather too large extent. As much as I admire Ringu, I also hate it because it set the pace for too many cash grabs consisting of poor 'horror' movies with very cheap jump scares based on the 'Frightening and lonely creepy girl'. That just disgusts me as a horror fan that the supernatural spectacle Jump scare overshadowed the far superior suggested 'Gothic horror'. Damn you, you americans!