Transformers vs. Spider-Man 3



Both are corny and lots of action and not really a story who make sense...Gonna go with Transformers only for the special effects.

Gotta love Transformers

I hate both of these so much

im going with spiderman just because i hate sheila buff

this is like choosing between human and dog feces

Transformers was good i'll admit, the sequel sucks though

Tobey Maguire deserves better than this.

Two of the most disappointing movies I've ever seen. I'll go with Spider Man 3, just because the fight scene at the end was actually pretty bad ass.

As much as I hated Spider-Man 3, it sure beats Transformers.

Transformers was easily better than Spider-Man 3. At least Transformers was fun to watch.

Spider-Man 3 was overwhelmingly bad, beyond any sort of rational justification. Transformers was way more fun, and I actually cared what happened to the characters. With Spider-Man 3, the story was so sloppy that all the characters lost any meaning. By the end, all I saw was a bunch of movement on the screen that meant absolutely nothing to me. I'm not a fan of the first two Spider-Man flicks, but at least the characters in those movies seemed more real and consistent. Oh, and Megan Fox is better to look at than Kirsten Dunst.

As flawed as Spidey 3 was, it was still better than Transformers, which was overly long, had way to much action, and horrible acting (at least from Fox).


Anything but Transformers.


Transformers was entertaining. Spider-Man 3 ruined a potentially great trilogy.

Agreed with JRM. I enjoyed Transformers...which is part of the reason I've stayed away from Revenge of the Fallen, because it's reportedly so bad. Spider-Man 3 is not completely godawful, but it just pisses me off that they screwed up the character of Venom. I'd actually like to give the movie another try, but I'm not sure I can stomach it. a mile....

Spider-Man 3 may have been overcrowded and too ambitious but there are worse crimes for a film. I can't believe that some people actually weren't smart enough to appreciate Spider-Man 3 on any level. More's the pity I guess. Transformers was a jittery mess of a cotton candy film... all sugar and no substance. This isn't even a debate.

Flaws and all Spider-Man 3 still otclasses CGI sap like Transformers. Hell, Spider-Man 3 is still better than 80% of the summer films of the past three years.

fitting matchup! Both are pretty sub par.

This one is pretty easy for me. Transformers was everything I wanted it to be. Just pure action. The perfect summer blockbuster. Spider-Man 3 I had really high hopes for because of how awesome Spider-Man 2 was. Spiderman 2 wasn't just a great summer blockbuster but a great film. Spider-Man 3 was just terrible. I gotta go with Transformers cause I had fun with it. Plus, I'm one of the few that actually like Michael Bay.

Sam Raimi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Michael Bay For all of its flaws, the third Spidey film brought a good closure to the franchise. Transformers was just all around badly written, poorly acted and had terrible humor. I can't even give it a superficial compliment, it's just a big pile of crap.

"I can't believe that some people actually weren't smart enough to appreciate Spider-Man 3 on any level." What a fucking dickhead. I mean, I like the film well enough, but what a fucking dickhead.

I would take the first Transformers over all three Spider-Man movies.

I probably would too, JC13. I do, however, like all three of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movies (yeah, even the pretty bad Spider-Man 3).

The biggest problem with SP3 was that whether you watch the film as a sequel or just individually, Peter just isn't very likeable and the supporting cast is poorly written or just dull.

Spider-Man 3 outclasses Transformers (not saying much, I know).

I'd rather watch Spider-Man 3. One, I like Spider-Man waaaaay more than I like the Transformers. Two, Spidey 3's got the better action scenes. That simple, really.

Spider-Man 3 is so incoherent at times, but it is still an entertaining movie nonetheless. Transformers on the other hand, succeeds in what it wants to be, an eye candy action picture.

spider man 3 is horrible transformers was enjoyable.

the first transformers is still ok