Transformers vs. Batman Forever



There is only one word to describe this match-up: Ewwwww!

I actually found the first Transformers to be kind of fun. Big, loud, dumb-as-dirt fun. (Having said that, I may never see the sequel.) Meanwhile, I actually don't hate Batman Forever nearly as much as Batman & Robin. When I was younger, it was even probably my favorite Batman film. (Don't worry; now I know how vastly superior the Burton Batman flicks are.) This is an odd matchup, but I think I might just pick Transformers here.

Batman Forever is so dumb & lame, it's funny. Jim Carrey in that movie is so unbearable. Being paid 20 million for this : /

The first Transformers is the best my a mile. So it wins. Jim Carry is the only good thing about Batman Forever.

I think I'd rather sit through Batman Forever.

Jim Carrey's scenes in Batman Forever are more worth my time than anything that happens in Transformers.

Batman Forever had more enjoyable moments, I suppose.

truly amazing Here are truly two of my favorite films of all time but if I have to give the vote I give to Batman Forever And because he is being the favorite of all the movies