Ready Player One vs. The Shining



Wow! This very ironic matchup just popped up. Those who have seen both movies know what I'm talking about.


Nice homage but The Shining is still the classic here.

Very interesting matchup, but obviously The Shining is a masterpiece.

The Shining wins! Ready Player One is pretty good. There’s a lot of imagination, the world it creates is great and the situations in it are very exciting. Even the love story which I hate in a lot of adventure films is an element that really works! Story-wise, err, it’s pretty predictable and definitely the weakest part. It didn’t expand enough on topics like the world outside the Oasis, Wade's aunt and abusive "lovers" and it also lacked a twist to give it some favour. And the villainous organisation didn’t work for me. They symbolise a certain topic but it’s not at all subtle and the topic isn’t, at all, compelling. Oh, and there’s a 5 minute sequence that is a homage to, um, something (hehe) that is the only reference/homage that felt like it stalled the movie to reference it. On to The Shining, a complete and utter masterpiece. Visually stunning, complex themes of family violence and insanity, a haunting score and tone and definitely the most terrifying movie ever made. Yet I can’t take my eyes off the screen (but I did watch it through my fingers the first time I saw it, hehe).

Loved the homage. Not even close though.

The Shining by murder...