Bride of Frankenstein vs. Frankenstein



I go back and forth on these. Frankenstein is the more solid movie, but when Bride is good, it's fantastic. Bride definitely has the better ending. Gah! Ok, for now, I will go with Frankenstein, but it might change the next time I get this.

Nice on :D,

Frankenstein is the classic set-up, but Bride of Frankenstein is a masterpiece of a pay-off. It's what every sequel should be. It brings back all of the fun and wonderment of the original, but is not afraid to break free of the plot restraints of the previous film. It's my favorite of the classic Universal monster movies.

Two of the most famous monster films of all-time. Boris Karloff as The Frankenstein Monster. More often than not, the original is better than subsequent films, and this is no exception.

Having just rewatched both in the past two days, I can say that I know really like both. "Frankenstein" is a great film but one that has a few noticeable flaws, especially the plot progression in the second half seems somewhat rough and the film does drop a bit after the monster rises. "Bride of Frankenstein" however, is a masterpiece and one that is a superior sequel in every aspect, from the classical Universal music, to the vibrant cinematography, sublime special effects, story, emotion and complexity of themes. The ending to "Bride of Frankenstein" is memorable and perhaps, better than anything in the original, which granted, is a great film

1931's Frankenstein Is One Of My Favorite Films.

Everything SLions said. It's just everything. A true standout among films of the time and it's still so unique and fresh today.

Bride is better like waaaaaaaay better.

Frankenstein is my 6th favorite film-its so solid and still very creepy while bride is a great sequel its still more of satire at times!

This will never be an easy choice, but the good news is that there's no bad choice.

Franky over his bride.

So yeah, Bride has been quickly running out of gas with me. It just didn't gave me the same awe and entertainment of the first time I watched it. Not even the Blind Man sequence was as good as it was in my first watch. Actually, there were some annoying stuff, such as that old woman in the beginning. Gosh, she was as annoying as annoying could get. Frankenstein, on the other hand, is a thrilling classic that keeps on growing on me. It might even be dated and sloppily edited, but damn it is great and entertaining. Karloff's make-up is fantastic. Bride's design on the second one is also great, but that's not really quite enough to make it stand against the original one. Easy win.

Two classics...but truth is, only one can win.....

I vacillate. This time, I favor the original.

Bride just gets the edge, though both are masterpieces.

Frankenstein was a masterpiece. But somehow they outdid themselves.

The Bride of Frankenstein wins for me

This is tough precisely because BRIDE broke off in a different direction. It scratches an itch no other Universal Monster movie does. It really just comes down to which itch needs scratching at the moment. This time, I favor the straightforwardness of the original.