Bride of Frankenstein vs. The Mummy



Two horror classics, but I find the Bride of Frankenstein almost comical at points, whereas I feel like The Mummy has a bit more gravitas, and comes away the winner.

I didn't love Bride. It's a Classic yes. The Mummy for me as well. 2-0

Far as Universal Monster movies go, I started with Frankenstein and Bride, and then kinda shied away from them for quite a while because those two underwhelmed me. Decided to watch a selection of them this Halloween season and found The Mummy to be the best of the ones I saw. The Egyptian mythology alone would have been enough to sway me over to this side.

Well, the consensus on this match-up certainly differs from general critical and public opinion. Allow me to cast the first vote for Bride of Frankenstein. If you don't like comedy mixed in with your horror, of course you're not going to like it, since that's one of the things that makes it so brilliant, in my opinion. Whale is a much better director than Freud, and while you could debate on the relative merits of David Manners vs. Colin Clive or Zita Johann vs. Valerie Hobson, Bride has a far better supporting cast in Ernest Thesiger, Elsa Lanchester, and Una O'Connor. The Mummy doesn't have much to recommend it aside from Karloff.

Gonna be honest: THE MUMMY kinda bored me. BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN is a pure delight. It easily gets the nod/