Bridesmaids vs. Crazy, Stupid, Love.




I think Crazy, Stupid, Love was more clever and funnier than the some-what underwhelming Bridesmaids was.

Agree with JRM. Crazy, Stupid, Love was superior in all facetssss of the game...

Crazy, Stupid, Love is every bit your typical romcom crapola. Sure it’s funny in parts, and sure the cast is charming, but that doesn’t change the fact that it fails to denounce convention. Hell, this movie is sheathed by convention. I guess we’re still being spoon-fed all that shit about playboys being miserable bastards that have been hurt (“my mother is pretty, vain and cold and I never knew my father...” Seriously?), spoon-fed all that shit about “the one”, spoon-fed all that shit about women being justified in over-reacting about things that they, in reality, have no right to be phased by, and spoon-fed shit about irrational, soggy behaviour being normal, accepted and even good. Also, the movie tries to be sneaky with its title. By deliberately using the words ‘Crazy’ and ‘Stupid’, the film overtly admits guilt, but by overtly admitting it, it tries to covertly eviscerate the power of its antipode (ie logical people). I guess the movie is just best viewed as a reminder that people really are pretty fucking dumb. Whatever its faults, CSL is vastly superior to Bridesmaids, a non-comedic comedy movie. If you're ever desperate for proof that women can be funny, then do yourself a favour and watch a few Emma Stone films and stay clear of these delusional hags.

I gotta go with Bridesmaids.It was hilarious.

Given its hype and box-office success, I was really looking forward to Bridemaids, and then when I saw it...I don't remember laughing at all - the (in)famous "bleach" joke just typifies what is supposed to pass for a really good joke in the Age of Apatow. CSL is kind of pedestrian, but it has a likable ensemble that renders the lame plot watchable.

Crazy Love all the way.