Evil Dead II vs. The Evil Dead



The Evil Dead has a charm all its own, but Dead by Dawn wins out for being so senselessly over-the-top. Very little beats Bruce Campbell with a chainsaw for a hand.

The Evil Dead has a better latter half, while Evil Dead 2 has a better first half. The first time I saw Evil Dead 2, I was blown away by how the movie took off like a rocket of insanity and never let up... that is, until the rest of the characters show up at the cabin. I had so much fun watching Bruce Campbell's one-man show that adding more people to the mix seriously brought the movie down for me. In the case of The Evil Dead, the movie picks up considerably about midway through after a less entertaining first half, which I prefer. The Evil Dead is also much scarier than Evil Dead 2, which becomes far too cartoonish. (NOTE: I was disappointed with Army of Darkness because it takes Evil Dead 2's goofiness to even more annoying extremes. I've always wished that the whole series was more like the original.)

I agree with kingofpain. The Evil Dead is the better movie.

No doubt about it - the second one, although played for laughs, is superior in almost every way.

The Evil Dead is the better movie. Evil Dead 2 is just a slapstick comedy remake of the original. At least the original is creepy and not just silly.

Today, the effects of the original Evil Dead have aged to the extent that they are no longer truly scary. This makes the Evil Dead series much more watchable as camp, comedic films than straight-horror. Evil Dead 2 offers much more in this department, and so it's a better film.

Evil Dead 2 all the way.

The first one actually builds up an atmosphere (2 has someone getting possessed in the first three minutes or so, doesn't it?), the humor is subtle and cruel rather than slapstick, and there are actual scares, camp factor notwithstanding. I love the light absurdist elements near the end, too. I don't get the hype surrounding 2. "Badassing" Bruce up into some cult idol always felt forced to me, and I always used to get tired and turn it off when those plot devices--err, I mean--those rednecks appeared. Oh, and that one chick--"EEEEEE! EEEEEE! EEEEEE!" So yeah, the first by far.

Evil Dead 2 is far superior to the original. More so with Campbell's slightly goofy character change....

Evil Dead 2 was funnier and better, the original wasn't so scary

I just watched them both for the first time and was surprised how much I enjoyed them. The second one does a nice job continuing the story of the first, but I prefered the tone of the first film. The characters are better in the first one and it is also creepier and more disturbing than the second, The Evil Dead wins.

After rewatching the trilogy Dead By Dawn is now my favorite, but the first is not far behind.

Both are great, but I slightly prefer the first.

Both are classic horror films, but the original has less flaws and is much more entertaining in my opinion.

Both I seen are great but 2 it's complete that it's not actully same as the first one how does it makes since seeing to the first getting over horrist but the even thing of first horror second comedy but 2 it's no evil much

Evil Dead II is better, i like the mix of comdey and horror

Both are fantastic but 2 is the weakest in my opinion out of the Rami trilogy and the first is the best in the trilogy

the First Dead film shocked me more they are both great bit I have to pick one so the Trees rape idea and the rolling camera wins it for me.

I just saw the second one for the first time in a couple years, and kingofpain was right on the money. I was like, "Fuck yeah, THIS is why I love Raimi!" Then the others show up, and it goes from being brilliant to just mostly-awesome. It's a blast, no doubt, but it drops in its second half. I think I need to give The Evil Dead another look. I'm almost sure that this is gonna swing in the other direction.

Evil Dead II by a slight margin, but I can't call myself a fan of either film.

These are both great but I gotta go with the first one. It's a genuinely scary movie that benefits from not being as over the top as the second.

The first one have better characters, and direction, and is much more shocking, but the second is probably the 'better' film and takes it. It funniest, coolest, and better story. AT least, the first was much more fantastic.

I don't know why people prefer II, original was 10 times better.

Respect your opinion Tommy, but can't say I agree.

Evil Dead 2

I don’t know how anyone can even like II. It’s terribly acted. The screenwriting is embarrassingly awful. It's also just so damn nonsensical and stupid! Hell, it even feels cheap. The first one had a low budget but it felt like they made the most of it. Evil Dead II is just unwatchable!

Do you know what "Lovecraft" stands for?

They feel like almost the same movie in a lot of ways. So I'll go with the original. Both are no where near as good as the third installment however.

Evil dead 2 by far for me but army of darkness is the best in my opinion

The first one is better, second one is good but overrated.

The first one was funny, but the whole time I was laughing I wasn't sure if it was 'supposed' to be funny, whereas the second one is clearly intended as a comedy. I don't know if that's why, but in my opinion the second one is better in practically every way.