Independence Day vs. Mars Attacks!



Mars Attacks! is a far better alien invasion movie.

Mars Attack is more entertaining alien flick

Mars Attacks! is a fun movie, but I'll throw my hat into ID4's corner.


Mars Attacks at least embraces its campyness.

Independence Day

Independence Day>Mars Attacks

Alien invasion propaganda films from the 90s that were intended to psychologically program us for something like Project Blue Beam. However, now that so many people have woken up and are still waking up, the elite just might have to consider a change in strategy. To be continued...

Though I feel that Independence Day has lost luster with wins here...


Mars Attacks! is the clever winner here. Independence Day reminded me of the overblown and melodramatic Pearl Harbor.

Mars attacks is a campy movie, but it embraces it's campiness. Independence day treats its self seriously. Mars attacks for me.