Key Largo vs. The Maltese Falcon



Two great Bogart films. Believe it or not I'm going with Key Largo.

Humphrey Bogart's character in Key Largo just isn't enough of an antihero, in my opinion. It really kind of ruined the movie for me. The best Bogart is a less-than-noble Bogart. The Maltese Falcon wins.

Edward & Laura are so very good in Key Largo, but the film is like a doughnut and light beer compared to the beautifully buttered lobster, lemon-juice and excellent scotch of the Maltese Falcon.

Can't say that I love either...but Key Largo edges out the Falcon...

nobody beats Sam Spade

The MALTESE Falcon is superior but Key Largo has more sizzle.

Sam Spade is a total badass but it's hard to go against the trio of Lauren Bacall, Robinson and Bogart.