Kill Bill Vol. 2 vs. Blade Runner



Blade Runner is still ahead of the times.

Blade Runner is leaps and bounds better than Kill Bill vol. 2, and that's saying a lot because I think Blade Runner is a little long and dull at times.

I've seen both and Blade Runner is probably amazing but Kill Bill is just too good

goddamn. why do you make me choose?!? flickchart, i hate you (no i don't)!

blade runner is AMAZING, but i just looooove kill bill

This is really not a tough choice for me, even though they are both in my top 20. Kill Bill Vol. 2 is a great piece of storytelling and the acting is great (Carradine and Thurman in the last 20 minutes or so ... amazing). The fight scenes are also outrageously fullfilling ... especially Elle and The Bride's trailer fight. However, Blade Runner is a monster ... the greatest sci fi film ever made. I've heard people dig at Blade Runner for it's acting, but the acting is spot on. It's a dreary world full of dreary characters who are dark and moody. The villains are no worse than we are. And of course the lingering question of the movie, what really does separate humans from androids? "All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain."

KIll Bill 2, one of the most amazing sequels ever made. To this day I still don't like Blade Runner (or it's sequel).