Kill Bill Vol. 2 vs. Kill Bill Vol. 1



0_o This is the studios fault! haha..

wow i'm really not sure about this one

Vol. 2 is more cerebral but the excellence of the first part is unmatched.

Volume 1 was all about the action. Volume 2 was all about the talking. Volume 1 wins!

I wasn´t invested in the characters in Vol. 1, and so didn´t really care whether or not The Bride finds Bill. Vol. 2 gives us more information on The Bride, her life before the mascre and so I became invested in the characters and to where the story led them. I did enjoy the action in Vol. 1, and the revalation at the end was pretty awesome. Vol. 2 was just the better film...IMO

Wat a match?? Lol..

I honestly wished they had cut out the first 30 mins or so of Kill Bill 2 and made it all one film. Kill Bill 1 on it's own without the resolution of the second film, is a great film. Kill Bill 2 however, is not. KB1 gets my vote.

Thinking back, I am forced to choose Kill Bill, Vol. 1, because I thought the scenes with Pei Mei dragged just a little bit. Also, Vol. 1 has the fight at The House of Blue Leaves.

The first Movie was free to have fun without the need to tidy it up. The story is better defined, it's more fun to rewatch and it looks better. It's more appealing in every way.

You know, I was not fond of Kill Bill. I felt that it was one good movie spread too thinly over two chapters. There are great moments, and too much dang filler. My favorite sequence was the scene where the Bride was buried alive; I apparently suffer from some claustrophobia, and that scene made my skin crawl. It's in Vol. 2, so Vol. 2 will get my vote. For one scene.

I hated them both, but I hated VOL. 2 slightly less.

Vol. 1 was the better. Although I did like Darryl Hannah getting her other eye plucked out.

1 has the crazy 88 scene. nuff said.

Kill Bill 1 was the more complete movie, despite not having the ultimate resolution. It also had far better action scenes, which is the only reason I watched them in the first place.

Vol 1 was cooler and Vol 2 was more emotional. Vol 1 had that crazy 88 battle scene so Vol 1 wins!! BTW, I'm still waiting for Quentin to release the Kill Bill special edition DVD

holy crap

Its one story you darn hollywood studios, you!!!!!!!!!!! Picking Vol. 1 out of neccesity.

I agree with a lot of you guys. These two movies should be seen as a whole. As Vol. 2 picks up where the first volume lefts off, it doesn't really have a beginning. So that absolutely makes Vol. 1 the more complete one of the two. It is true that Vol. 2 offers more background information about several characters, but it still wouldn't clarify anything to anyone who hasn't watch the first movie. Tough choice, but I vote for Kill Bill Vol. 1.

Vol. 2 was a stronger film for me. I love both, and saw each several times in the theatre. But David Carridine rocked my world and 2 was just too good.


I really love the Western feel of the second one, and I got to say that it trumps the anime/samurai feel of the first. The first one is great mind you, but the second one seems to also have just more character development, which I like.

I usually catch flak for preferring VOl. 2, but I'm always on the side of character development and great themes, which I get just a bit more in the second half. Plus, I love QT's dialogue.

Vol. 2 was better. Don't know exactly why, but I liked it more. The characters gained more depth, and the story resolved itself... Don't know, it's just better.

Both volumes are great, but since the House of Blue Leaves sequence is in 1, that one wins.

Volume one is definitely better, if only for the fight between Uma and Lucy's minions.

Volume 1. Volume 2 while still a fantastic film, dragged in places. Oh, and I loved Basterds, so don't say I don't appreciate the man's dialogue :P. But I can't help but wonder how it would have felt as one film..

Ooh snap.


Comes down to whether you like the action or the dialogue. I prefer the dialogue. Nothing in Vol. 1 compares to the opening exchange between Bill and the Bride in Vol. 2. Some of QTs best writing and blocking, even if it is ripping off Leone. And I actually think the best fight scene is between Elle and the Bride, also in Vol. 2. Vol. 2 all the way.

Reasons vol. 1 wins: 1. The 2 minute tracking shot in the house of blue leaves scene that follows The Bride through the whole building, turns around to follow Charlie Brown (who, oddly, is played by the dude who wrote Ichi the killer) back to the top floor, and then switches off to Sophie Fatale to go back to the bathroom where Thurman is changing suits. Probably the most audacious and logistically complex thing QT's ever shot. Plus it's all set to The's, how cool is that? 2. It's a throwback to my favorite period of Japanese filmmaking; the late 60s into the 70s, when legitimately talented filmmakers like Seijun Suzuki, Koji Wakamatsu, Norifumi Suzuki, and Kinji Misumi decided not to spend their time making period epics and deeply metaphorical introspective dramas, but rather mad-ass exploitation movies that mixed extreme violence and softcore pornography. QT is one of the few directors left that has the talent and the willingness to pull this sort of thing off, and that makes Vol. 1 a little more special to me. 3. This could also be said of Vol. 2 (particularly as it has Samuel L. and most of Carradine's role), but everyone involved in this movie is awesome. Uma Thurman is awesome. Sonny Chiba is awesome. The are awesome. Rza did the score. Katsuhito Ishii did the anime segment. Jun Kunimura, Daryl Hannah, Gordon Liu, all cool. I think Tarantino has a long list of all the people he's ever thought was cool, and his entire career as a filmmaker is essentially an excuse to meet these people and cast them in movies so other people can see how cool they are. That said, Vol. 2 is also completely brilliant, and I don't think I'd ever watch just one without the other. In fact, taken as one movie Kill Bill is probably my favorite Tarantino film.

I'd have to go with Vol 1 just for the crazy 88.

Two halves of the same whole. It's like choosing your favorite side of a lucky coin. While Vol 2 has its moments and a satisfying conclusion, the gonzo verve and redonculous vision of Vol. 1 is not to be beat. I mean, anime for crying out loud! Who does that?!

Vol. 1 for the epic sword fight.

Oh, holy crap. Vol 1 has the awesome story of O-ren and the 88. But Vol 2 is so damn *satisfying*.

i can't choose

Vol.2 wins but only because Vol.1 perfectly set it up with all of the backstory and general plot. Plus the three best scenes of the movies (The Coffin, The Final Act with Bill, The Fight with Daryl Hannah) were in vol. 2. The crazy 88 fight was fun but overall it wasn't as engaging or built up to like the above scenes. In Vol.2 David Carradine as Bill, my favorite Tarantino character of all time, you sympathize with at the end when in usual revenge plot lines its the oppisite. *Ahem* Vol.2 FTW

The crazy 88 show down is one of my favorite movie moments ever. Kill Bill Vol 1.

Neither film could really exist without the other.

two hideous terds that should not be regarded as films


They're both technically one movie, but I'll probably choose the more action-packed Vol. 1 over Vol. 2. But this is subject to change.

WOW this is one of the toughest decisions i've had on flickchart. I'll go with volume 2 due to one of the best fights in cinema history: the Bride vs Elle Driver

Quentin Tarantino made these movies as one, but because of their length they had to be split into two. So they're pretty much the same movie. It's just like comparing two halves of a flick, it doesn't make sense.

If Kill Bill was one movie it would probably be my "greatest of all time". Just reading the other comments makes my brain go to war with itself. Everyone has valid arguments but when you add it all up (cruel tutelage, the scene between budd and elle driver, the wedding chapel scene, beatrice vs. elle, and finally the ending featuring some great speeches by Bill) - Kill Bill Vol. 2 walks away the winner.

I loved Vol. 2, along with everyone else, for the brilliant close-quarters sword fight with Daryl Hannah, the claustrophobic awesomeness of the coffin scene, and the unexpectedly brilliant ending; but even with all of these, Vol. 1 is my favorite. It has the GREATEST sword fight sequence of ALL TIME, and the anime sequence was pure inspired genius, like taking speed and reading a manga.

i actually watched again back to back last saturday. I gotta go with the first one, both are great and together they would have been perfect, but since they decided to separate them and make twice the money (who could blame them right?), i go for Volume 1


Kill Bill 1 has the best action sequences and it's beyond cool.

Volume 1 was a satisfying enough ride, but, honestly, over-stylized. Volume 2 was the more grounded of the two and works on every level, whereas Volume 1 had little more to speak of than its action.

Not only does Kill Bill Vol. 1 have better action, acting, and villains, it's just a more complete movie.

i'd have to go with volume 1, if only because it totally blew my mind the first time i watched it. I was expecting to like it, but to change my view of movies? i wasn't planning on that. vol. 2 took some time to grow on me, and i think didn't have as much of an impact due to the fact that i hadn't seen many kung-fu or spahgetti westerns up to then. THAT has been quickly fixed.

V1 had wayyyyy more moments of pure, unbridled entertainment (esp the O-Ren Ishii intro). V2 was... boring, no?

You people are comparing a movie with itself. You're retarded!

I have to go with V.1. After a two movie build up the actually killing of Bill was a bit anticlimactic. On the other hand, I really like Michael Madsen's character. Very similar in the action vs. cerebral change found in Matrix: Reloaded vs Matrix: Revolutions.


I just watched both parts again, and I stand by Vol. 2 as the best. The action is not as kinetic as Vol. 1 but what's there works, plus, it has the best dialogue and character development.

I feel like we should all just lobby for them to replace each separate film with "The Whole Bloody Affair". With both in my top 10, keeping them together for my own sanity is hell!

Haha! can you really separate the 2 even?! I think that Vol. 1 is more stimulating visually, but I think Vol. 2 has better dialogue...hmmm....

love both of these, they have some of the most entertaining, funny and violent scenes i have seen. and i agree that they are really one film, obviously neither would work without the other. but i have to give to vol.2 for better supporting cast (Carradine and Msdsen especially) and the Pai Mei scene!

I liked "Kill Bill Vol.2" better. I especially loved the fight between Elle and the Bride.

Volume 1 was better. I thought the 2nd volume didnt have the same punch as the first.

To be honest I think I liked the second one better than the first. When Uma Thurman goes to find Bill and her daughter is there playing with fake guns, that was the most sentimental plot twist Tarantino could have possibly incorporated. Pure genius. The first one was still quite good, I don't usually like anime but I thought that anime scene was a nice touch. Apart from that the first one was ludicrously violent, and I do believe there is a point where too much blood is liable to be counted as a mark against a film. Just look at Sweeny Todd. One thing I did enjoy throughly that I saw in both these movies is the unpredictability of each situation. Many times when these killers confront each other it's leisurely, casual, and then BAM! somebody shoots at somebody. After watching enough Quentin Tarantino movies you begin to understand that in each scene you never know who is going to exploit an opportunity to kill somebody else. It catches you off balance and I think that is brilliant cinema. I love them both, but for now I'm going with Kill Bill Vol. 2

Vol. 2

Vol. 1 all the way. Would love to see the original cut with both parts edited together...

I can't choose but I think Kill Bill Vol. 1 for now but that is subject to change

Loved Vol. 2 but it was a little, just a little too talky for me, so I will pick Vol. 1 which I also loved.

Love both, and consider them the same movie really. But thinking of them as standalone and not just one long awesome movie, I'd choose 1, it was the most entertaining! 2 was too, and I loved the non stop dialog but still.

Okay so this isn't really a choice we should have to make since Tarantino wrote Kill Bill .. not 1 and 2... I kind of feel that way about LOTR too --- it's one movie broken up into 3... hard for me to choose between them... I do think Pulp Fiction is still above both of these 2... maybe his best -- I might choose these 2 right over Basterds though... didn't like Jackie Brown much at all --- Dogs is in there ... True Romance & From Dusk til Dawn plus Grindhouse were all fun rides... but I might have liked vol 2 a little better be cause the title gets done hehe and it seems even harder for her if that's possible...

Part 1's action sequences are the heart of what makes Tarantino great. His character development has always been slightly flawed, even with Carradine owning the screen. Part 1 I think is truer to the film's intent and thus gets the win.

The second one drags a bit in parts. First one is nonstop action. Both in my top 50, though.

two great movies, but the first part really have it all, including the awesome final battle scene, the second one just dont give justice to the first one, although its a great movie.

i liked the old karate guy, and i also liked the little chinese girl that can kick ass. i liked both, the first one is better.

Vol. 1 is great and amazing, and so is Vol. 2. Though I gotta go with the first one by a hair only because of the Crazy 88.

I've never had to answer this question until today.


This is one of those life-deciding moments, huh..

This is a popular question? Vol. 1 is flawless. Vol. 2 is disappointing. The first wins for sure.

Beginning of the second volume is the one of the best scenes i've ever seen.

The fight with Gordon Liu and the crazy 88's easily makes Kill Bill Vol. 1 the better movie.

the first one was alright, the second was mediocre, and they're both overrated

As a whole, they work together, but separately, Vol. 1 has a much more coherent plot and more accessible action, while Vol. 2 has more character development. My vote goes to Vol.1

Is this a joke? volume 1 easy.

I guess I can understand why someone would like Kill Bill Vol. 1 better as it was certainly the more action-packed of the two films. To me, however, it was merely the appetizer before the main course. Kill Bill Vol. 2 wins.

VOL. 1

Volume 1 all the way.

Both movies felt like such different movies that it is a tough comparison. Vol. 1 would be my pick because it felt more focused than the second.

Kill Bill Vol. 2, it's the better movie and has more heart though Vol. 1 has more style

Vol. 2 is better in my opinion.

Vol. 2. More interesting, better character development, and some of the action (what little there was) was much more brutal, intense and effective for the narrative in the second film. The only interesting bit in terms of story in the first film was the anime sequence, but while part of me thought that was a very interesting exposition device and that it did make some sense in terms of the "western-oriental" setting of the film, I couldn't help but feel it was still slightly out of place. Overall, Vol. 1 was good, but I would rather sit down and watch Vol. 2, bearing in mind that I don't think these films even come close to Pulp Fiction in terms of Tarantino's work (of which I am largely underwhelmed by).

These were both awesome flicks. Both entertained in different ways. But Madsen and Carradine made the second one special.

I think I scored 2 over 1 but that's only cuz there's more David Carradine in the second half. Well part one ends with Lucy Liu and that fight overshadows Carradine's anticlimactic big finish. There's that awesome scene in the hotel room with the assassin, but was that part one or part two? Which part had the bit where she wills her toe to move? That was great. It's mostly a blur in my head. This is really one long movie broken up into two parts for marketing purposes. Comparing these two films as if they were not the same film is rather counterproductive.

Kill Bill vol. 1 is better it was more violent and over the top then the 2nd one.

Why have one without the other? The first is pretty fun 70s throwback geekery, and the second surprisingly economizes its B movie influences in a way that advances the tone into something spookier and quieter and even more human. 2's definitely one of the best sequels ever made, for what it is.

Tarantino's always a little too obvious, though. That Shogun Assassin scene--pfff.

As silly as it was to leave this movie in two pieces, Volume 1 does better because you don't really understand why everyone is so pissed about Bill. You can just go wild trying to guess. When the truth comes out in Volume 2, it's an inevitable comedown, even as punchy as he tries to make it.

Kill BIll vol 1 has more action, a better ending, and moves much quicker. 2 is great for being cerebral, but the last 30 minutes of Vol 1 is pure cinematic joy.

Volume 2 is just a better film. Volume 1 may be necessary to fully appreciate 2, but the best quotes and most powerful moments come from Volume 2. "I'm a murdering bastard, you know that. And there are consequences to breaking the heart of a murdering bastard."

Love them both, but I prefer Vol. 2 because I prefer story to action.


the second one is better

The scenes that come to mind when I think of Kill Bill are all in 1.

I felt the second film was a more satisfying story.

The one I've always been waiting for. Luckily, I came prepared for this. I'm going Vol. 2

In Vol. 1 we see The Bride killing people. In Vol. 2 we see her kill some more people, but this time we really see why she is killing all these people in the first place. As I said before Vol. 1 is all about the action and Vol. 2 is all about reaching the final resolution. Vol. 2 has the slight edge in my book.

I didn't like Kill Bil 1, I thought it was too drawn-out and tedious. Kill Bill 2 however, improved on it's predecessor with better overall moments.

This is one of those matchups where I can totally see how someone can make an argument for either film being better. It's very close. Vol. 1 is self-indulgent and showy, but I think it succeeds in being a well-done action movie. The cinematography and editing are among the best of the year and the story elements are brought together nicely (for the most part). Vol. 2 is a different beast. It's not as occupied with action as it is by the bride's character arc- and more importantly, completing that arc in a satisfying way. I think it makes more missteps than Vol. 1, even if it is less-showy and not quite as detached.

Argh! I'm compelled to disregard my previous choice and give the SLIGHTEST of edges to Kill Bill Vol. 1. The film's action scenes make it more enjoyable to watch, even though the events that occur in Kill Bill Vol. 2 seem more meaningful to the overall story. I guess it all boils down to what you're in the mood for: action or drama.

Vol. 2 definitely beats the incoherent mess that was Vol. 1

Vol.1 is more special in my heart than Vol. 2

Vol 1 is one of my favorite films and Vol 2 disappointed me very much if I'm honest. I don't like the order in which the story is told. I'm a Tarantino fan and Vol 2 is my least favorite of all of his films.

Gotta be Vol. 2 for me. Vol 1 was a delightful pulpy romp, but vol 2 was suddenly a story about adults for adults - men and women and the gap that lies between them. Loved it.

Vol. 1 is defiantly the best out of the two.

Kill Bill 1 I enjoyed the over the top action and the Shaw Brothers references were brilliant and just a delight to see.

Wow, looks like Vol. 1 worked its way past Vol. 2. Maybe I should re-watch and re-think.

I don't understand why quite a lot of people dislike Vol. 2. It's great like Vol. 1, but not quite as good.

I adore both, but Vol. 1 wins for the presence of Lucy Liu, who was all kinds of awesome.


I'll give the duke to Volume 1, but not a sight on Volume 2.

Volume 2 really makes it all come together and brings on the feels.

even so of Vol. 2 has some good each other to meet against the true complane through of Vol. 1 just has some looking outs of it

Neither is one of Tarantino's best but I've seen them many many times. I don't know propably vol 2 for me but both are very entertaining. And I love the Pai-mei scenes.

Vol 1 is better but i still like 2

Both are pretty overrated but vol. 1 is better.

Really tough, I love both of them. Vol. 1 for now.

I consider them as an one film like Dr Mabuse The Gambler and Inferno

The first one was way more fun just bloody rampage fun!

I prefer Volume 1 over Volume 2, but you can't have the first without the second. The first one just throws you right into all of the action without truly explaining itself. You get a better idea of why The Bride wants to find Bill in the second one. I think the second movie enhances the first and makes it an even better film. However, Volume One is still the better movie in my opinion.

Very close for me. Giving V1 the edge.

I like Vol. 1 more because I prefer mindless action to story and emotion.

Definitely Vol 1

Vol 1. That end fight just blows your mind!

2 for me. 1 is more of an action flick while 2 has the story & the drama so I prefer the 2nd Kill Bill.

Of the two, Kill Bill, Vol. 2 is the better film because it showed more of the Bride's past and how she became so awesome.

Volume 1 was highly entertaining and I had a lot of fun with it. Volume 2, while good, was quite boring to me.

volum 1 is better but she kills bill in two so i dont know

Volume 1 has more action so it is better.Volume 2 is still great though

That woman deserved her vengeance, and we deserved to die. Kill Bill 2, no contest.

These two should be counted as one movie, although I prefer the sequel personally

Both are great, and although they tell the same story, have a very different feel and approach. I love the kung fu craziness of Vol. 1, and the entire last half hour contains some of the best filmmaking Tarantino's ever done - but the violence, for me personally, gets too nasty at points (mainly thinking of the hospital and anime sequences, which are cleverly done but turn me off). Vol. 2 is slower and statelier, but I get sucked in by its dusty, Western atmosphere, its slow-burn build up of tension, its gallows humor, its amazing dialogue and performances - Uma and David Carradine are spectacular. To me, it's Tarantino's most heartfelt, personal film, with SO many memorable scenes. Punching out of the coffin... training with Pei Mei... the dirty trailer brawl between blonde Amazonians... a very stressful pregnancy test... the final, painful reunion / confrontation between old lovers, which affirms that Kill Bill is essentially just a divorce drama taken to absurd, movie-mad extremes.

I felt like Vol 1 had a tad too much gore, and Vol 2 felt more like she was in real danger (the coffin especially). The conclusion also felt more satisfying.

I think that QT tried to do something similar to Godfather 1 and 2. In my opinión, He made it. I enjoy both and I pick KB 2, specially the performance of carradine and Madsen ( pretty amazing both of them).

First, they're both great movies. I love the training montage in two because of its nod to the Shaw Brothers' Pai Me and as others have said prefer the more Western feel to the anime, but also love the obvious nod to Lady Snowblood, Sonny Chiba playing Hattori Hanzo and the Crazy 88's fight scene in the first. Ultimately, because it's the original . . . I'm going with Vol. 1

Volume 1 I guess

For me it's actually quite easy: Vol 1., all the way. I don't think it's (simply) a matter of "are you in the mood for action or drama" or "do you like samurai films more or westerns more", it's also a matter of visual storytelling vs endless talking. It was a bold move for Tarantino to make a film with visuals carrying the story, not his trademark dialogue, and that film was Vol. 1. It worked wonderfully; it might not be perfect, but it's probably my new favorite Tarantino film. I just watched Vol. 2 today, and what a disappointment that was. Sure, it has the same over the top nature of the first film, but the characters talk...and talk...and talk...and talk. You can't tell me that anything in that film is on the same level as the best moments from Vol. 1. I'm sure more traditional / conservative Tarantino fans would pick Vol. 2, and I completely understand. As someone who is a much bigger fan of Tarantino as a director than as a writer however, I would pick Vol. 1 in a heartbeat.

Kill Bill volume 2

Vol. 2 gets boged down by plot. Vol. 1 is way better.

Vol. 1 by a hair. Both are great.

I didn't even think this was a debate - vol. 1 blows vol. 2 out of the water. Though its strengths differ from and even complement those of vol. 1 from a storytelling perspective, vol. 2's unexpected restraint from showing excessive action and meticulously styled, over-the-top fight scenes just left most people feeling like it ended on a flat note. Vol. 2 is an excellent movie, and most fans would probably give it the appreciation it deserved if it hadn't come on the curtails of the complete absurdity that was vol. 1. I fully expected Tarantino to close it out with a crescendo of batshit insanity based on what I'd seen, and the disappointment just kind of stuck, even though it is inarguably great.

Both are far good, but I go with Vol.1.

Volume 1 is mindless fun, so that one wins, volume 2 bored me to death

Vol 1. Both are still great though.

Vol. 1 has better action, but Vol 2 is better in terms of dialogue and story.

These two are basically tied, as it’s just part I and II of a single film. But I’ll give the edge to Vol. 2 for its perfect ending. Bill & Bride’s confrontation is just brilliant in every sense of the word. Sure, Bride vs. O-Ren Ishii is also excellent, but Bill’s speech about Superman alone beats it. And sure, the action in Vol. 1 is better (even though Vol. 2 has that breath taking Elle Driver fight), but I’d counter with the dialogue in Vol. 2 is even stronger then the first. And as good as the action is in these films, what really makes them special is the extremely good story. And Vol. 2 is just a edge ahead of Vol. 1 in that department.

For some reason Kill Bill 2 never quite worked for me. It's still a good movie ofc, but Kill Bill 1 is in a whole other league imo.

Always loved 2, 1 is one of my least favorite Tarantino movies