Kill Bill Vol. 2 vs. Iron Man 2



As much as I love RDJ as Tony Stark, Kill Bill is the better sequel.

Beatrix > Tony any day of the week. Tarantino's film is simply more memorable and well crafted.

Tarantino is great but this was a misfire for him. Iron Man 2 is simply a better crafted film and certainly more fun. Maybe if Tony had sat down and talked to Ivan and then tapped him on the chest to end the film some people would have liked it more.

Kill Bill Volume 2 is a masterpiece. Iron Man 2 is simply a quality popcorn movie.

Dancin' Sam Rockwell for the win.

Kill Bill Vol 2.

Iron Man 2 is superior. Kill Bill Vol 2.was yack yack and not hack hack like Kill Bill Vol 1. Even together, Kill Bill lacks the MCU depth and pzazz.

Iron Man delivers whether it's a sequel or not. QT would be too intimidated to even try an MCU film. Tony Stark is all-time greatness.

Iron Man 2....easily....

I enjoyed Iron Man 2 more.

Um, How is Iron Man 2 winning? It's one of the worst MCU movies, while Kill Bill Vol. 2 is one of the best movies of the 2000s. Oh, and Beatrix Kiddo would definitely kick Black Widow's ass!

The Bride and Bill’s confrontation alone easily eclipses Iron Man 2.

Technically how anyone being involved with iron man 2 here, certainly it is pure dumb forgettable cheesy bad crap, kill bill vol 2 isn’t anything flawed down likely iron man 2.

Kill Bill 2 was so very anti-climatic. Plus, Tony Stark is simply a better character than anything QT has ever written.

It doesn't get any easier than this. Iron Man 2 isn't bad but against fucking Kill Bill 2?