Kill Bill Vol. 2 vs. Reservoir Dogs



This is a hard one, but Reservoir Dogs is better than Kill Bill Part 2 but the Complete Kill Bill Story is better than Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs is way better than either Kill Bill. In fact, I feel Kill Bill is very overrated.


I love them both but The Bride wins this round.

Kill Bill 2 is probably the best Tarantino film.

the bride wins, by sheer badassery, emotional strength and great storytelling.

Reservoir Dogs may just be Tarantino's finest hour.

Vol.2 let me down, but it's still in my top 200. Reservoir Dogs is in a different league.

Neither are his best, but right now I gotta give it to Mr. Pink (yeah thats right. Pink)

I think RD.

Vol. 2>Dogs>Vol. 1

Kill Bill: And I don't know why I came here tonight, I got the feeling that something ain't right; That's correct.

If it was Volume 1 I would have went with that but Vol 2 wasn't that great so I'll go with Reservoir Dogs

This is really tough because Volume 2 is really good but so is Reservoir Dogs. I Reservoir Dogs is better because Volume 2 does not have as much greatness as Volume 1, therefore it can't beat Reservoir Dogs is better.

Reservoir Dogs over any Kill Bill

My #9 vs my #17. Kill Bill Vol. 2 wins, since I like it's characters more, and I like the story more. It's way more complex and interesting for me. Uma and David Carradine were both amazing in their roles, and both should have been nominated for an Oscar. Madsen's performance was better in Reservoir Dogs though.

Kill Bill Vol. 2 is a masterpiece and Tarantino's best.