Labyrinth vs. Pan's Labyrinth



Pan wins, so sorry Mr. Bowie, sir.

Like em both, hard choice but I might go with Pan

I prefer Bowie's bulge.


I love Bowie but Pan was better.

I wish the goblins would come and take you away. Right now.

There are so many reasons why Labyrinth trumps Pans Labyrinth , I could write volumes!

Pan's Labyrinth

Henson was a visionary too bad his films never came together, although I did like his first Muppet movie.

Hmm, which Labyrinth should I choose....hmmm.

Labyrinth just feels a lot more real and direct than Pan's Labyrinth where I feel like the movie itself gets lost.

Pan, easily.

Labyrinth might be an 80's cult hit...but watching it now is almost comical. Easy win for Pan...

Ha. What.

Labyrinth for me without question. There's some pretty strong nostalgia in this film that Pan's couldn't possibly touch.

This shouldn't be close. Pan's Labyrinth is the much better film.

Labyrinth is fantastic escapist entertainment but Pan's Labyrinth is a much better film

Both have great characters. Labyrinth has nostalgia, but Pan's Labyrinth is clearly better. David Bowie in Labyrinth is just wtf.