Labyrinth vs. Pan's Labyrinth



on 8/29/2009

Pan wins, so sorry Mr. Bowie, sir.

on 12/7/2010

Like em both, hard choice but I might go with Pan

on 12/7/2010

I prefer Bowie's bulge.


on 12/7/2010

I love Bowie but Pan was better.

on 12/21/2010

I wish the goblins would come and take you away. Right now.

on 4/3/2011

There are so many reasons why Labyrinth trumps Pans Labyrinth , I could write volumes!

on 8/23/2013

Pan's Labyrinth

on 1/30/2014

Henson was a visionary too bad his films never came together, although I did like his first Muppet movie.

on 3/27/2014

Hmm, which Labyrinth should I choose....hmmm.

on 6/16/2014

Labyrinth just feels a lot more real and direct than Pan's Labyrinth where I feel like the movie itself gets lost.

on 6/16/2014

Pan, easily.

on 6/16/2014

Labyrinth might be an 80's cult hit...but watching it now is almost comical. Easy win for Pan...

on 1/12/2015

Ha. What.

on 1/13/2015

Labyrinth for me without question. There's some pretty strong nostalgia in this film that Pan's couldn't possibly touch.

on 1/13/2015

This shouldn't be close. Pan's Labyrinth is the much better film.

on 6/18/2015

Labyrinth is fantastic escapist entertainment but Pan's Labyrinth is a much better film

on 8/16/2015

Both have great characters. Labyrinth has nostalgia, but Pan's Labyrinth is clearly better. David Bowie in Labyrinth is just wtf.