L.A. Confidential vs. The Departed



Oh, hard. If I hadn't just watched L.A. Confidential recently, I would have picked The Departed immediately, a knee-jerk reaction. But Confidential is a much better movie than I remembered. I think I'll still choose The Departed, but this is tough.

Both are great crime dramas, but "The Departed" has one thing "L.A. Confidential" doesn't: Mark Wahlberg in a hilarious performance.

Not only Wahlberg. Alec Baldwin obviously has some fun in that movie as well. Everybody is fantastic, though Jack seems to just be doing it by the numbers. Everybody's fantastic in L.A. Confidential, too, but I'm still going with The Departed....

The Departed is a great movie but it doesnt beat L.A. Confidential because it is a near scene for scene remake of Infernal Affairs which is arguably the better film. L.A. Confidential for originality in the medium (yes, I know about the book).


Two terrific films but L.A. Confidential has the originality and impact to win here.

I didn't like Infernal Affairs, but The Departed didn't make much more of an impression. The Russell Crowe character in L.A. Confidential is more interesting and relatable than all the characters The Departed combined. There's really not all that much that's special about The Departed. (In particular, everything revolving around the psychiatrist was bland. The Damon and DiCaprio characters were mostly dull, and so the tension around their relationship with the psychiatrist was lacking. And she was a blah character, too, without much individual significance.) L.A. Confidential has way more pizzazz.

Very Close,These are my 2nd and 3rd most favorite crime Dramas.

The Departed is perhaps the only Scorsese film I hate.Both the films had a stellar cast but L.A. Confidential produced the better performances in my opinion.Overall,I liked the story and plot of L.A. Confidential more.The suspense builds slowly and reaches a high level of excitement toward the end of the film.On the other hand,I absolutely hated The Departed's ending.Except for maybe Damon,none of the performances particularly impressed me.As a crime-drama,I'll take L.A. over The Departed any day of the week.

The Departed is a mediocre remake, barely better than the original. LA Confidential has superior acting and directing.

A phenomenal comparison of dirty cops, great casts, gritty endings, and delightfully convoluted plots that require multiple viewings to drink in all the nuances. The principal difference between these two films is the 60-something years in the setting. LA Confidential by a nose, simply because it didn't have the Chinese Internal Affairs to rely on.

L.A Confidential is the better movie, period.

This match-up deserves more comments. L.A. Confidential deserved to win Best Picture :(

I'd say that L.A. Confidential is less flawed.

L.A. Confidential. It is just a well made detective flick.

L.A. Confidential had the better cast, but The Departed had the better story. Martin Scorsese, baby.

Absolutely LOVE this matchup. In fact, I purposely searched this matchup on Flickchart after I polled the audience on another site before ever coming here. As close as they are and as good of a comparison as they are, L.A. Confidential wins. Just love that movie from start to finish. Arguably the the best cop movie I've ever seen. Yes, I've seen Heat.

They ar actually fairly similar, but The Departed is pretty damn flawless in my opinion and is my favorite Scorsese film.

Two of the greatest cop movies of all time. Very good matchup. Really no wrong answer here. I prefer L.A. Confidential.

The Departed wins a close one. Just more entertaining and more fleshed out characters.

L.A Confidential gets my vote here. Both are exceptional crime dramas. I just love noir style films so L.A Confidential really did it for me.

Two all-round great police detective films. The Departed wins for now.

While The Departed does have the benefit of a legendary director and a great cast, ultimately I'm giving this round to the shorter length, greater intrigue, and superior action sequences of L.A. Confidential.

LA Confidential is great don't get me wrong but still I'm taking The Departed

L.A. Confidential by a rather large margin for me. It's the more complete and satisfying film.

The Departed gets a lot of undeserved hate and harsh criticism simply for being the only Scorsese feature to win Best Picture and/or Director. It's a shame, because if the movie won less accolades, people would be more willing to see it as the masterpiece it is. With that said, L.A. Confidential is practically perfect in every way.

The Departed is really great, but LA Confidential is just amazing. It's a perfect noir, with great acting and great writing.

Love both, but going with The Departed.

For the 10 people who voted for L.A. Confidential. I pity you. This isn't even close.

L.A Confidential easily