L.A. Confidential vs. Blue Velvet



Post-noir classics. I love the both of these, dearly, and I really have no fucking clue which one to pick. Ugh. One's got Guy Pearce and Russell Crowe...in the same fucking movie! (They deserved top billing, btw.) The other's got Dennis Hopper being Dennis Hopper in a way only Dennis Hopper can be. (I like Dennis Hopper, y'all, in case you haven't guessed as much already.) So, do I go with Ben drinking to Frank's fuck or do I go with Bud White, Woman-Beater-Beater? Decisions.

Blue Velvet. End of discussion.

What? Blue Velvet is not even Lynch's best film. L.A Confidential slaps it, and slaps it hard.

I agree with Robert. Not even close....L.A. Confidential abuses Blue Velvet...

Probably Blue Velvet.

Im picking the strange and bizarre plus Hopper epicness of Blue Velvet

I found Blue Velvet way more intriguing and kept me invested from start to finish.