L.A. Confidential vs. Titanic



How Titanic beat out both L.A. Confidential and Good Will Hunting I will never know.

I really, really liked L.A. Confidential the most recent time I saw it, which was the second time, and considerably more than I remember liking it when I saw it the first time. I'm actually in a bit of a quandary, here; I think I need to see Titanic again, but until that happens, I think I'll stick with the movie that actually won Best Picture for '97.

The made-up romance story never did much for me in "Titanic," but I've always loved the depiction of the actual sinking. I've only seen "L.A. Confidential" once, but I liked it quite a lot. A tough call here.

I liked Titanic but I enjoyed L.A. Confidential a lot more

L.A. Confidential was good , but that impossible to reach yhe greatest movie TITANIC

Even a child could have come up with the plot for Titanic.The third act was impressive but overall the film was quite shallow.Its first half was a pain to sit through.It just can't compete with the brilliance of L.A. Confidential which had an electric mix of great performances and an interesting story.Guy Pearce gave a scintillating performance.

The top two movies of 1997 for me. As much as I love LA Confidential, and for all Titanic's flaws, it really was an overwhelming movie experience. I gotta go Titanic here. I think.

Better writing, more interesting characters, more action, lots of intrigue and shorter. L.A. Confidential, No contest


I really like Titanic, but it's James Cameron minor. A lot flawed.

I still shake my head over L.A. Confidential losing to Titanic. A plain, overwrought and mediocrely acted (although Billy Zane was a great villain) love story on a big boat that sinks. I will watch the sinking any time it comes on, the rest I cringe at. L.A. Confidential is one of the greatest crime movies of all time. Every performance is authentic, the script is wonderfully written, and though the story is dense, it's written to unfold perfectly. You might be wondering who is lying and who the real "bad guy" is, but you're never lost.

L.A. Confidential, despite being great, is kind of forgettable. Titanic, despite its flaws, is much more memorable.


As much as I love the Titanic I believe L.A. Confidential is the superior film script wise and character wise.

L.A. Confidential in a close one...