Men in Black vs. Speed



Speed is a very good action flick; Underrated if you ask me. It is non-stop adrenaline; But the Men in Black is a good action flick that has a lot more fun in it with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones' chemistry.

I never thought that Speed was underrated. It is, arguably, one of the best action films of the '90s, if not the best. But you stick it up against Men in Black, and it is a tough call. For now, though, I'd rather take another ride on the bus.

Both of these are top quality products of the 90s, and each had two horrible horrible horrible sequels. This is a tough call, but I'll have to go with MiB due to the creativity and imagination that put this together.


I don't remember much of the first Men in Black, so in the meantime, giving it to Speed.

Two great action films of the 90s...and one that I've loved forever and one that I just recently found. I'm going to go with Men in Black for the sentimental choice, and because it blended humor well with the sci-fi/action.

Oh man, good times! Ageing sucks.

@cleckley: Ha! You said it. Man, I miss the late '90s...


So I saw Men in Black again not too long ago. Wow . . . it really doesn't hold up, imo. It's still fairly funny and it has nostalgia in its favor, but after seeing Speed about 3 times recently, Speed easily wins. It's truly of the greatest straight-up action movies ever. I only have a few others ahead of it (Die Hard & The Bourne trilogy).

Huh. I rewatched MIB not long ago. Held up fine for me...

Speed. One of the very best action movies of all times.

I like both a lot. I'd say 6 times out of 10 I would be in the mood for Speed, and the other 4 I'd take Men in Black.

I'd say Speed wins, but it's pretty damn close.

Speed wins this matchup. Dennis Hopper is one of the most likeable villains in action movie history.

Speed, by far. I didn't find Men in Black to be that entertaining. Speed's pretty awesome though.

Damn I'm starting to feel old, I grew up with both of these films. Speed was a Die Hard rip-off (If you'd even call it that) done right and is an awesome flick in it's own right but the creativity in the world encompassed in Men in Black wins it for me

I think Men in Black satisfies it's genre just a tiny bit better. I would prefer to watch MIB right now if I had to watch one.

Speed without a doubt.