Men in Black vs. Face/Off



Tough choice. Woo's stylistic choices make FO my favorite of his, yet the back and forth between Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones makes it alot of fun.

Man, Face/Off is definitely one of my favorite '90s action movies, but every time Men in Black comes up, I try to remember how much I dug that movie the first time I saw it. Usually, that works.

I was really sick the last time I watched Face/Off, and the next morning I felt almost 100 % better. Fluke, or the healing power of FO? I'll let you decide. . .

Men in Black is very watchable and, at times, quite clever; but it's not nearly as good as Face/Off. Yes, its plot is preposterous, but it's just way too much fun.

Men in Black had some great lines, but that's about it. It was kinda boring at times, and just campy, not funny. Face/Off was really fun, and I kinda enjoyed it, despite its kinda dumb plot.