Generation Kill vs. The Hurt Locker



Good showdown. Generation Kill definitely takes this though. Hurt Locker is good, for sure, but I didn't like it as much as some.

Generation Kill wins easily. The most realistic and engaging war movie/mini-series I've seen yet. The war genre isn't one of my favourites and generally war movies bore me, but GK held my attention from beginning to end. Impressive, given it's running time. The characters and action were far more compelling than in The Hurt Locker and I found the direction to be superior too. I was never confused about what was going on. GK also had a lot of funny moments and I felt like I was given a crash course in marine slang. The commentaries are well-worth the listen too, especially with James Ransone, who is hilarious. I'm not sure why The Hurt Locker was so praised, when I finally saw it, it seemed your average modern war movie to me and not all that different from the ultra-boring Matt Damon movie, Green Zone. I was underwhelmed.

Generation Kill is excellent, better than The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty put together! The characterisation is pretty much perfect, you get gradually more involved with the 1st Recon Marines the more you watch. It's not just a 'based on real events' war story, it's much more than that. James Ransone and Alexander Skarsgard are just brilliant together onscreen.