Godzilla vs. Juno



Juno, definitely. Godzilla is just not for me.

I'd probably rather be chased around by a bunch of Godzilla babies than watch the supremely irritating Juno ever again, but Godzilla the movie was quite awful. I rarely say this about a movie, but I'm fairly certain that Godzilla got on my nerves worse than Juno did. Part of the problem was that the movie didn't at all capture the charm of the original Godzilla flicks that I saw in bits and pieces as a child. The kid in me was expecting to see a fun movie with lots of Kaiju on Kaiju action, not a lame variation on Jurassic Park. Also, though, the whole cast pretty much bugged me. I hated Juno, but it wasn't a huge disappointment like Godzilla.


Juno is better than Dudzilla.

I just think it's amusing to be discussing these two particular films against each other. I agree that "Juno" was irritating, in parts, but I liked it quite a bit. I'm looking forward to matching up "Godzilla" against "2012"....