Bram Stoker's Dracula vs. Sleepy Hollow



Burton and Depp wins over Capella and Keanu. There just seemed to be more in Sleepy Hollow and everything added up, where in Dracula they most definitely did not.


I can never decide which of these I like better. Sleepy Hollow is my ultimate Halloween movie, but Dracula is the more special film. Johnny Depp is my favorite actor, but Winona Ryder is my favorite actress. Tim Burton is one of my favorite directors, but Coppola does a better job with this film specifically. Sleepy Hollow has to get the slight edge because it is more consistently great, and because I find Gary Oldman repulsive and those erotic scenes are tough to watch.

Probably my two favorite films from the gothic horror tradition, and if I'm not mistaken Francis Ford Coppola was an executive producer on Sleepy Hollow. Visually Sleepy Hollow is Lubezki's greatest achievement to date (imo) and a masterpiece of atmosphere and set decoration. That film transported me to another world like few films have.