Schindler's List vs. The Godfather Part II



hmmmm Schindler's list for the last scene

I'll take Godfather 2 any day. Much more enduring.

I never want to see either again Schindler's List is to much for me and The Godfather Part II is to depressing and it drags!

The Godfather Part II all day, everyday.

Schindler's List all the way.

The Godfather Part II wins with ease.

Schindler's List is top 20 for me. Godfather Part II is top 100.

I love Schindler's List, but it doesn't have that "I could watch this film every day" quality that The Godfather Part II has.

Very tough... Both top 10 quality movies

Godfather part 2 wins just because I like watching it more and love the family dynamics and drama.

Schindler's List...

Schindler's List>The Godfather II

I prefer Schindlers list

No comparison. Part II operating on a way higher level.


Schindler's List is a testament to wars excess and deserves a win here.

Schindler’s List may not have a lot of rewatch value (as a couple people have mention above as well as others I've encountered in my short life) because it is very gritty, somber and unapologetic. But does that undermine it from how great of a film it is? It’s still a very important movie with superb performances and that beautiful b&w cinematography. Yes, it is harsh. But is that really a flaw? How else can you do a movie about the Holocaust and have it any other way? Schindler's List is a perfect example of how cinema can be a meaningful form of art! I’m not aiming this at any said person and I can understand why someone wouldn’t particularly enjoy it, but I personally think it is a masterpiece! And speaking of something I don’t particularly enjoy; I’m not a Godfather Part 2 person. It’s structurally like they edited 5 unrelated films together and it’s such a tossed together mess!

The Godfather Part II is the best movie of all time Schindler's List is close tho..

The Godfather Much better film