Schindler's List vs. Lawrence of Arabia



SCHINDLER'S LIST is powerful; LAWRENCE OF ARABIA is astounding. I'll regret whatever I do, but right now I'm processing having just seen SCHINDLER'S LIST on the big screen. I'm moved enough to pick it here this time. Barely.

Schindler's List for me aswell.

Travis, you hit the nail on the head. Ultimately I have to choose Lawrence over Schindler though.

UGH. Here I am again. I've been thinking a lot lately about "Lawrence". It gets the nod this time. There really is no right or wrong choice here and I can't imagine ever concretely committing to one over the other.

Both long epics, but Schindler's list gets the edge for superior pacing

SCHINDLER'S LIST wins this time. I've come to realize despite loving it, I'm not all that emotionally invested in LAWRENCE OF ARABIA.

No wrong answer on this one. Lawrence of Arabia is certainly a majestic epic with strong themes, great acting, and directing, not to mention it inspired Spielberg himself. However, I have never seen a movie that has emotionally moved as Schindler's List. It gets the win

Schindler's List with the W.