Schindler's List vs. GoodFellas



Oh man this is cruel.

Schindler's List is a masterful film, but it doesn't showcase the same boldness and energy as Goodfellas. If this were a best films list Spielberg would probably win, but since this is subjective, I'd have to say I prefer Goodfellas.

hard choice man

Two of my favorites, it's tough :x

I like GoodFellas best, but Schindlers List is very good too, Cant decide.

Goodfellas is one of my favs.

Goodfellas is one of the greatest crime flicks of all time how can SL compare

It is an incredibly difficult choice, so I'll make it easy for people if you don't choose Schindler's List you're an anti-semite ;)

Goodfellas by a comfortable margin.

I'm leaning towards GoodFellas on this, but this is definitely one tough matchup.


Schindler's List for sure, I like GoodFellas but it is'nt anywhere in the league of this masterpiece.

Schindler's List for sure, I like GoodFellas but it is'nt anywhere in the league of this masterpiece.

Two early '90s masterpieces, but nothing beats GoodFellas. It's a far superior film to Schindler's List.

How can one choose between two of the greatest movie ever made. Both goodfellas and Schindlers list are in my top 20 and will forever be there IMO.Schindler's list has the edge here.Though the entertainment which goodfellas brings is unmatched

I'd rather watch GoodFellas again. Schindler's List is depressing.

Tough, but I'm taking Schindler's List on this one.


Both are masterpieces, but I prefer GoodFellas.

Good fellas

Schindler's List. While I enjoyed Goodfellas more, Schindler's List just resonates more with me as a more beautiful film. Hard match-up though, and very close.

Schindler’s list by far


GoodFellas is my choice.

Goodfellas gets the nod...

I think it's got to be Goodfellas. Schindler's List is also a good movie, but this comparison is only difficult because of the importance of its subject matter. And honestly, there are movies that better address the Holocaust than Schindler's List (ex: Shoah, Son of Saul, The Pianist, Everything is Illuminated, The Grey Zone...)

^^^ As @mechroboticon says, there are much better Holocaust movies out there. I prefer the Pianist and Come and See a lot more than Schindler's List. The movie was way too long, and the characters were fine, but nowhere near as memorable as Goodfellas. Spielberg has made much better movies (Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Saving Private Ryan) while Goodfellas is Scorsese's ultimate masterpiece. So Goodfellas wins here.

I think Goodfellas is the better movie, even though I think that Schindler's List is by far the more important one. But Goodfellas is definitely better

It's Spielberg vs Scorsese. Two of my favorite directors. I loved both movies. These two are some of my favorite films of all time. GoodFellas had style, class, charm and wit. But Schindler's List was powerful, depressing, personal and respectful. I loved GoodFellas but Schindler's List is better. Although the first 40 minutes do drag it does pick up while I enjoyed GoodFellas all the way through. But Schindler's List was more subtle and powerful than GoodFellas. So I'm going with Schindler's List. But don't get me wrong GoodFellas came close.