Schindler's List vs. Apocalypse Now



I'd take Apocalypse Now any day and I didn't enjoy either. Brando's performance at the end is just awesome and I enjoyed that over anything in Schindler's List

I'll give the nod to Schindler's List.

Your supposed to be captivated and learn something from both films and not be all that entertained more so with Schindler List i think its the best film of the 90's while Apocalypse might be best of the 70's for bow both war dramas cant be tied so Schindler wins.

SL wins here, but its close.

Extremely close but Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now is my clear winner.

Siding with Oscar.


babar bie debo sala

Schindler's List.

Schindler topples the Apocalypse...

Apocalyse Now is and for ever will be the greatest war film

Schindler's List


Apocalypse Now is a fantastic war film and preferred here.

Schindler's List>Apocalypse Now

I know Apocalypse Now is a special film. I just haven't understood it yet!

I understand why Apocalypse Now is a special film. One of my favourites? No. But still really good. Schinder’s List is a masterful, life-changing experience!

Apocalypse now has better performances but schindler's list cinematography is better STORY is More powerful because it actully happend and lines and themes are MORE deeper and better overrall schindler's list is not just for entertaining but also for history lesson its sad and powerful that can change person something that apocalypse now dosent even come close to