Close Encounters of the Third Kind vs. Raiders of the Lost Ark



Little did we know back then that these two would combine to form a spectacular pile of crap.

Hmm....I say Raiders, but that might be because I haven't seen Close Encounters in a while. Close Encounters does have a better ending. Hmm....

Raiders. Indiana Jones triumphs over Close Encounter's aliens.

easy, Indi wins!

I can't think of much that's more entertaining than Raiders, but Close Encounters feels more personal. Maybe its because Spielberg came from a broken home and the core of the film is a failing family. I know the film has pacing issues and the third act is more of a lights show than a climax, but the wonder of it still captivates me and the film manages to move me much more than I expect.

Nobody's going to address stunbunny's comment? "Raiders" is simply the greatest pure adventure film ever made, and "Close Encounters" is not only a stunningly crafted sci-fi film, but is also a challenging exploration of humanity, with a conclusion that is somehow both uplifting and troubling at the same time.

Oh god. Gonna have to go with Close Encounters here, but only barely...

Both are fantastic (screw you stunbunny), but I have to give it to Raiders... seriously, WTF, stunbunny?!

Raiders. Close Encounters is so sloooooow, and the Coca-Cola and McDonalds product placement pisses me off somehow. It stands out too much I think. But I'm willing to give it another chance some time. The ending is excellent and overall it certainly isn't bad.

Raiders walks away.

FYI, pretty sure stunbunny's comment was toward Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Indy + Aliens) rather than an insult towards either of these films. Anyway, this is Close Encounters for me. I have fun with the Indiana Jones movies, but they were never as important to me as they are to so many other people, maybe because I didn't actually grow up with them, but Close Encounters means a lot more to me.

Close Encounters is a great film, but I have to go with Indiana Jones and Raiders Here