Close Encounters of the Third Kind vs. Blade Runner



why choose?

Close Encounters.

Agreed. Spielberg's sense of adventure and wonder, combined with Dreyfuss's killer performance nudges out Harrison Ford & crew on Ridley's sci-fi opus.

one of Spielberg's worst efforts in my opinion... I mean, this movie goes nowhere. Blade Runner's vision of the future is far more telling about the human spirit and potential dilemma of non-human's rights.

I prefer Blade Runner. Harrison Ford does an excellent job as Deckard.

The awe-inducing final act of Close Encounters of the Third Kind pushes it over the top here.


Close Encounters is among my least favorite Spielberg films. Blade Runner is stunning.

Ditto JRM, as a Spielberg fan I didn't think much of CE.

This is kinda hard. I think I like Blade Runner more for being more thoughtful.

I gotta switch over to Blade Runner here. It's a more complete film.