Close Encounters of the Third Kind vs. Jurassic Park



This is a really close one, I love Jurassic Park but I'm going to give a slight edge to Close Encounters here.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind has a great third act, but everything that precedes it leaves a lot to be desired. Jurassic Park wins for being more consistently thrilling from beginning to end.

I agree with Caesar. The beginning of Close Encounters is pretty stagnant.

Jurassic Park. Close Encounters*snore*...huh, what? That great ending woke me up.

These are both Spielberg classics! Jurassic Park may be more exciting, but Close Encounters just impressed me more.

I agree that Close Encounters is pretty boring throughout. Jurassic Park is flawless and currently sitting at 3 on my list.

I think Jurassic Park is the better Spielberg movie

JP gets the edge....