Close Encounters of the Third Kind vs. Iron Man



No contest...Close Encounters

Yep, Close Encounters. It's in at least an order of magnitude better.

Classic chills VS technological thrills. My love for the first IM flick does not sway me - CE wins :)

No contest... Iron Man is the more complete film. Those "classic thrills" simply don't hold up well over time. Iron Man will stand the test of time much better.

Close encounters does hold up over time and its the more thought provoking film the visuals are still awesome the score and story is sci-fi lore not just a classic but Hall of fame worthy Iron Man is great but its only 6 years old and kinda simple and flat with a goofy villain!

I just wasn't all that moved by Close Encounters to be honest.

Iron Man is easily the best Marvel Studios movie but Close Encounters wins very easily.

Iron Man delivers.

Close Encounters in too many measurable aspects to count.

Iron Man is also in all time classic territory and frankly the better film overall.