Across the Universe vs. Million Dollar Baby



I think Million Dollar Baby is overrated, it's well acted and well directed, but for some reason unlike some other Eastwood films (Mystic River) it never got to me, still Across the Universe is basically a big music video, awesome, but just wanted people to know this is not as easy as it looks.


Million Dollar Baby wins this round despite my admiration for Across the Universe.

"Across the Universe" should have had a huge emotional wallop to it, and it just didn't. I didn't like the main character. A lot of the transitions into song were clunky. It's a movie I could probably enjoy more in small doses. I agree that "Million Dollar Baby" was overrated, but I also feel like the pendulum has swung too far in the opposite direction lately. I mean, I don't understand how the whole "accident" scene happened--it seemed contrived--but this movie has such phenomenal acting and a really interesting narrative twist that doesn't draw a lot of attention to itself.

I've got a soft spot for Across the Universe. I'll give it the edge. For being the better movie? Maybe not but I enjoy it more. Million Dollar Baby is great too.