Buried vs. 127 Hours



Interesting match-up. Two similar ideas although very different in tone. Ultimately I like 127 Hours for its cinematography and heart.

I'm with soysauce on this one. Neither movie really did it for me, even though I am generally a fan of minimalist films such as these, but 127 Hours at least was shot beautifully and had a couple great sequences. Outside of Paul's conversation with his senile mother, Buried was rather average and forgettable.

I liked 127 Hours but I loved Buried. Buried had me so much more engaged than 127 Hours. Obviously 127 is a lot more pleasing to the eye but I thought Ryan Reynolds did a lot more with his role than James Franco did. Also, the ending of Buried left my jaw on the floor. I wish it would have gotten more exposure because I think it was better than the 6 time Academy Award nominated 127 Hours.

Liked both of these. I have to agree with the above...Buried just hit me harder. Both solid flicks.

I would give this matchup to Franco and '127 Hours'. We learn so much more about Aron, even if the flashback scenes can come off a little heavy handed at times. I feel like 'Buried' was very average, and while both had characters who could be deemed unlikeable, Franco was able to show us some humanity, where as Reynolds did nothing to flesh out his character beyond being a jerk.,

127 Hours for me. Better character development, much more intense (I got all thirsty during the movie, it was THAT intense), great editing and some great humour throughout. Buried is also a solid movie but 127 Hours really pulled me in.


I watched 127 Hours first and it was in no way as intense as Buried. Buried worked on every level I that felt 127 Hours fell short on. Enjoyed 127 Hours but I loved Buried.

I love both of these films and their intense depictions of survival. I liked Franco a lot more in 127 Hours and felt that it's most likely his best role he's done, so I'm going with Boyle.

!27 Hours is the better movie mainly because it have much more depth

Two movies about guys that are trapped; only one held my attention the whole way through and that was 127 Hours. Buried got boring quickly and I hated the ending.

127 Hours because it's a true story

127 Hours is the better film and Franco gives the stronger performance of the two.

127 had the uplifting ending, Buried's ending actually I loved ultimately! When the British guy on the phone said,"He brought us to MARK WHITE!", you could feel what Paul Conroy was feeling. My heart just dropped when he said that. I wasn't disappointed with Buried, but I love 127 so much

127 Hours is slower and less eventful and loses by default. Buried, I enjoyed. It takes its torture to absurd lengths and consequently becomes quite manipulative, but its still a blast. On some level it acts as a satire I suppose. Well maybe not satire, just a sledgehammer indictment of human inhumanity. Absurd, but valid.

They are both suspenseful, great acted. great ploted thrillers. I think think I preferred Buried though.

I prefer 127 Hours over Buried. I felt Buried was realistic to a fault, whereas 127 Hours used sound design (such as the buzzing sound when touching the nerve) and Ralston's memories to convey the helplessness of his situation in a creative way. Because of this, I feel 127 Hours also had the better main character; Ralston was someone the audience could be behind. I admire Buried's totally uncompromising feel, but 127 Hours is a film that does not feel purely plot-based, and I would be happy to watch again.

What JRM said...

127 hours. deeper meaning, emotionally invested in characters and doesn't feel boring after a while unlike buried. buried was a very good film though.

I love the way people take the time to write about how 127 Hours is better yet they cast their vote on the side of Buried. I think this means they must have Buried higher on their Flickchart. Either that or the website isn't working properly.

@dpswolf: Given the fluid nature of a person's Flickchart, and the fact that different pairings can launch one movie over another even though they don't come directly head-to-head, it's these things can change. It doesn't mean they've changed their minds on this particular matchup. Anyway, for me, it's Buried here. It got me so claustrophobic I could hardly stand it. 127 Hours was good, but not nearly as intense.

Two great directors, two great actors, and two great movies. 127 Hours wins by a fraction of a hair due to Boyle's direction and cinematography.

127 hours is better movie...

not close buried easily.


127 Hours easily wins this.