Videodrome vs. Splice



Interesting. Body horror double feature material, for sure. Splice, I think, gets the nod, even though it had some flaws. Videodrome was just too weird for its own good. Weird can be good, but it has to service the story - which I don't think it did as effectively as it tried to.

Videodrome has a pretty bad, goofy story, but it communicates the theme, like a giant warhead pushed along in a creaky shopping cart. Don't get me started on Splice.

I don't love Videodrome, but man... Splice was pretty rough to sit through.

I'll go Videodrome also....but I wasn't impressed with either.

I agree with TheEgant. Both have potentially interesting but nevertheless heavily-trodden ideas (Videodrome less so). Interesting that both feel very Cronenbergian, in that they are both very much grounded in erotic body horror, but it's fairly obvious which one is actually a Cronenberg film as Splice feels like a poor imitation of a variety of other gene-splicing, Science Vs Nature body horror films, principally The Fly. While I neither like nor hate either of them, I'm definitely going with Videodrome for being a) more creative with practical effects, b) taking a social commentary which has received much less attention in Science Fiction/Horror (at least as far as I'm aware) and c) having James Woods, who is brilliantly charismatic and kooky.

Both very interesting I am going with Videodrome Splice was ok

Splice is a top not Sci-fi film as good as anything that has come out in the decade not great but fun and interesting! but Videodrome is amazing! great acting and story and weird and bizarre nightmare psychological and fun! Im a hardcore film guy and by 1983 the film was fresh and cable was new so trying to find underground smutt was hard yet in demand I always look for old VHS tapes to find a nasty or rerecorded snuff which is what the film is about love Croneneberg!