Videodrome vs. A History of Violence



Well, here's another David Cronenberg fan. I adored both of these movie. Videodrome is like Brazil meets Shutter Island meets...The Matrix (if The Matrix was made in the early 80s? Yes? No?)? It's an awesome flick. Too bad the last 20 to 30 minutes don't make a whole lot of sense compared to the rest of the movie (it isn't THAT bad, but it does slightly ruin an otherwise completely flawless and brilliant film). A History of Violence is fanastic, but it does have some little flaws here and there. Richie is a little silly at times and some scenes don't make much sense. For example: Tom beats up his wife, then they have sex on the chairs, and then she doesn't want to see him anymore. Ehm...okay. I don'treally buy that. It's a close one, but ultimately I have to go with A History of Violence. That ending, man. That ending.

A History of Violence for me, I don't like Videodrome.