Videodrome vs. Sucker Punch



An AWESOME double feature. Both excellent mind-gently-caresses. Gotta give Cronenberg his due though. Videodrome FTW.

Finally someone with something nice to say about Sucker Punch! It was on many worst of 2011 lists.I found Sucker Punch to be quite enjoyable and fun

Seconded, man! Both are amazing films, and groundbreaking in their own way. I think it will take many more years before Sucker Punch is given it's due. The difference between the R and PG13 cuts is immense, and the fact that the butchered version was the one that most people saw I'm sure didn't help it's reputation. Still, Videodrome is the better film, and that's quite a compliment.

I appreciate the matchup (they should really put the two in the "mind-f*ck" genre together), but Sucker Punch was a boring bastardisation of steampunk and anime with incredibly rapey overtones which would have worked far better in a Japanese videogame than a Hollywood film marketed towards teenagers. The so-called "twist", however smart people are saying it is, wasn't even that exciting or interesting; the whole film is unspeakably boring considering the array of incendiary elements crammed into it. I even watched the supposedly R-rated extended version which somehow still got a 12 certificate in the UK. Basically Zack Snyder punching well above his own weight (no pun intended). Videodrome isn't David Cronenberg's best by any stretch (based on my limited knowledge of David Cronenberg), and I feel the ending let's it down a little bit, but at least it works on its own merits; disturbing the hell out of me and having an interesting (albeit outdated) take on videos, TV and society. Disturbing vs Boring, Videodrome wins.