The Matrix Reloaded vs. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers



Oh damnit, i have to chose between LOTR and the matrix. Well, in terms of sequels, the lotr series did considerably better so i'm going to have to go with two towers.

I'm sorry, as far as sequels go, TTT was better

LOTR beats Matrix. But as sequels go, the difference is even greater. The Matrix sequels suck.

i know which way you'd go on this one, but i gotta roll w/ LOTR in a matchup btwn two sequels from monster-sized trilogies. those little hobbits are just far too cute

wow this is tough. although i can see arguments for LOTR ftw overall, I felt endings in both were somehow almost anti-climactic. and Matrix 1 vs. Fellowship is a no-contest to the Matrix in my mind. call me crazy but i gotta go Matrix on this one. give me TTT and ROTK on Xbox any day though.


Two Towers. But Reloaded is no where as bad as many like to say.


The Two Towers is more engaging than Reloaded.

I don't hate the Matrix sequels nearly as much as many do, but comparing them to The Lord of the Rings is just silly.

In my opinion, Matrix is better and funnier than The Lord of the Rings, which is a bit less "cool" than the book.

Wait, he just called a book cool. That's illegal in several countries right?

Both are great sequels but im going with The Two Towers

Two Towers. But The Matrix Reloaded is a lot better than many people say.

Reloaded is good, but Two Towers is a masterpiece

Not even the first Matrix beats LOTR