The Matrix Reloaded vs. V for Vendetta



Ouch! Both as painful to watch as each other. I picked the Matrix one - purely because it brings back nice memories of the first Matrix movie.

I rather liked V for Vendetta; The Matrix Reloaded was a disappointment. Both films were produced by Joel Silver and of course also the Wachowskis, both films have attractive females (Natalie Portman vs. Monica Belucci), both films have a Christ-like figure at the center of the story, both are beset by what I regard as Leftist claptrap and ideological distortion, but the ending of V for Vendetta is hopeful, while The Matrix only offers the promise of cyclical conflict.

V For Vendetta is better, though Reloaded is not bad at all.

Going with Reloaded because of the Matrix.

V For Vendetta is based on a world-class graphic novel by Alan Moore. The Matrix Reloaded is a overly-philosophized action movie that is poorly presented. V wins