Blue Velvet vs. Blade Runner



Dystopian future sci-fi vs. lunatic Dennis Hoper tryna choke a bitch? *whew* tough one. Guess I gotta give it to Phillip K. Dick.

Both give more human than human special meaning. Very tough decision. I'll go with the dreams of androids.

The two best films of the 80s, both in my Top 10 of all time. Blue Velvet wins, though.

Blue Velvet wins this fairly easily.

I personally feel that Blue Velvet is overrated. I still think that its a great film, but the dialogue just doesn't agree with me. Blade Runner for me, because it does what so many science fiction films try to do almost flawlessly.

I love both of these films. Blade Runner.

Blade Runner wins for me also.

i love both, but blue velvet is a less flawed film

Ridley Scott's visionary masterpiece vs Davy boy's pseudo-Freudian perverted nonsense... No contest here.

wow this one hurts I'm really struggling with this one