Blue Velvet vs. The Elephant Man



Lynch Versus Lynch! THE ELEPHANT MAN wins!

I agree, the way in which Merrick is revealed to the audience is amazing. By the time we see his face it's almost like a thing of the most unique beauty.

Lynch is one of the two or three filmmakers who dominate my top 20. BLUE VELVET ranks higher, but side-by-side, I love both of these films so much. I think BLUE VELVET is a more important film, but every frame of ELEPHANT MAN is perfection itself.

Elephant Man for me. While I admire Blue Velvet for the depths of humanities under belly it showcases, I feel that it is made less impressive by its shoty dialogue. Elephant Man does not suffer from this alement, and even if it did, John Hurt's performance completly raises the film.

I liked Blue Velvet, but I loved The Elephant Man.

Blue velvet is a cinematic landmark. One of the best films ever made. I can see why people choose The Elephant man. It's a lot nicer story than Blue velvet. The Elephant man is more kind of a story film anyway. It's way more mainstream, still it's agreat film and I love it but definetily Blue velvet.