Blue Velvet vs. Lost Highway



now here's an interesting match-up! i've always felt "Blue Velvet" was David Lynch's first real movie that was 100% "Lynchian"(?). you know, the auteur theory and all that. i remember it blowing my mind with the very first scene. I remember "Lost Highway " being the last David Lynch film that i could get 100% into, although "Mulholland Dr."was quite good. ultimately, i would have to rank "Blue Velvet" higher 'cause that sucker came out of nowhere to reach new levels of screen weirdness!

Yes, both great films. BLUE VELVET was the watershed, possibly the most important movie to come out since... hate to say it... STAR WARS. But Lynch became more and more daring during the 1990s, and his career kindof culminated with LOST HIGHWAY. It took people awhile to catch on, though, which is why MULHOLLAND DR. (a great film, true) received undue critical attention. You would think MULHOLLAND DR. was the only good movie Lynch ever made if you listen to the critics. I think LOST HIGHWAY is the middle film in a loose trilogy, starting with ERASERHEAD and ending with INLAND EMPIRE. I like them all.

Blue Velvet. It's got Ben. And Ben's one suave fucker.

Can't pick

Tough one. Both are awesome. Lost Highway is perhaps a bit more mind fucky-y? I dunno. It gets my vote at this moment.

lost highway is the best film ever, at least for me (it´s a mix of genre-thriller, horror,suspense,onirc elements) it´s like severa FILMS INTO ONE. i LOVE BLUE VELVET AND MULHOLLAND TOO.