Blue Velvet vs. Inland Empire



Inland Empire is such a boring movie. Too long, too meaningless, despite funny scenes. Yet, Blue Velvet is much more entertaining.


Blue Velvet was a David Lynch masterwork. Inland Empire is a strange misstep.

Blue Velvet is the winner, but i gotta disagree that it was a misstep. Albiet, not as an arresting movie visually, there is a real terror gripping Dern's character. And you feel it throughout the whole movie.

Inland Empire is Lynch at his Lynchiest. I love it

Two great Lynchian classics. I prefer the more structured Blue Velvet.

Watching Inland Empire for the first time was one of the craziest, most unforgettable films experiences I ever had. It somehow never lost my interest, despite being 3 hours long and almost unintelligible. It was like being trapped in a nightmare, except even my imagination pales compared to this film. By comparison, Blue Velvet is just too tame and straightforward for my liking, though I still like it a lot. I consider Mulholland Dr., Inland Empire, and Eraserhead to be my absolute favorite Lynch movies, even if BV may be one of his most recommendable.

i love both, but i prefer the unhinged lynch of inland empire to the more focused one of blue velvet

At least Blue Velvet never felt like watching an amateur film made with prototypical equipment.