Poltergeist vs. Ghostbusters



Ghostbusters for the win! Steven Spielberg and Tobe Hooper brilliantly turn suburbia into a spirit-filled nightmare in Poltergeist, but watching Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis take on all the ghosts of the Big Apple (and then some) is a lot more fun.

Poltergeists effects and scares don't hold up quite as well by today's standards, Ghostbusters however, has aged quite gracefully. Ghostbusters for the Win!

There was no part of Poltergeist that I enjoyed watching. One of the least fun films I've ever seen. Probably why I have it near the bottom of my Flickchart. And while Ghostbuster's effects haven't aged all that well, the humor is still top notch. Ghostbusters wins this one by a landslide.

Agree with most of the above...Potergeist just doesn't hold up. Ghostbusters smashes here...

My parents made the mistake of concieving me long after these movies were released. For that reason, I didn't grow up when these were popular, therfore, I don't get the hype behind either of them. Although Ghostbusters, I think wins here.

Consider this... would there even be a Ghostbusters without Poltergeist? Poltergeist wins for being a visual stunner, a truly "cinematic" experience.

Poltergeist is a bad film unlike hooper's masterpiece the texas chain saw massacre. Ghostbusters wins being a classic 80's comedy

Poltergeist is overrated in my opinion I'm going with Ghostbusters

I found poltergeist kind of boring and dragged a little bit towards the end. Ghostbusters on the other is a fun action comedy therefore it gets my vote.

Love Both films and They do still hold up with the effects today and the overall story both have are very good, the humor and creatures in Ghostbusters are great and it wins

Two of the best Ghost movies! Poltergeist has the better effects and scares, but Ghostbusters has perfect characters and writing.