Friday the 13th vs. Friday the 13th



LOL. Nice matchup for Friday, August 13, Flickchart.

Oh yeah, Friday the 13th! I love the first one but I hate the remake. BTW, today is Alfred Hitchcock's Birthday.

The remake is awful so easy pick.

Ok, I'm going for the controversial choice here and select the remake!!! I never really liked the original but had a good laugh with the remake...

The original, no contest!

I enjoyed and I like both, but the 1980's one is much better

Wow, not even close the original is one of my favorite horror movies ever and was truly suspenseful and scary. The remake was so poorly done it couldn't even be saved by gratuitous nudity and blood.


The remake was pathetic.

The remake was just silly.

The original, obviously.

First Mother's Day vs. Mother's Day on Mother's Day and now Friday the 13th vs. Friday the 13th on friday the 13th? Nice. This one is definitely obvious though and I can't really see anyone picking the remake over the original.

The Original. Your an idiot if you think the 2009 version is was a joke.

I liked the remake a lot more than most people seem to, but the original is still better by far.

ear, if the remake was pathetic, why did you choose it?

Happy Friday the 13th! I'm being creative today. The original is obviously my pick here. I just realized I'm also the 13th person to pick the original. Lucky me.

The remake was just lame. Unlikeable characters being horny as fuck are killed in the most boring ways possible by Jason. And it all ends with a bad taste in your mouth. The original is better, but hasn't aged that well. Yeah, yeah, Tom Savini and his work are great 'n all, but the effects are really dated, at least in HD they are. But besides that, the film is atmospheric, the characters are likeable, it's slightly creepy and overall, it's pretty good. Not great, but pretty good.

You can't beat the originals

Was never a fan of slasher's so remake gets the edge for Julianna Guill's memorable "performance"...

Co-sign the above...

The remake had Jason. The original did not. I'm going with the remake.

Julianna Guill is the main reason I give the edge to the remake. What? I'm a guy.

Wait, already commented. Nevermind.

The original and it isn't even close.


I was surprised, positively, that the remake was actually more of a sequel, or a "soft reboot" (egh...). As a run-of-the-mill Jason movie, I guess it was better than, let's say Manhattan, but not very good anyway.

The original Friday the 13th's no masterpiece but at least it's well-paced, it has an atmosphere, it's got gore, it has one memorable performance towards the end, and there's even a few scares that genuinely work in it. None of these things were present in the remake(other than perhaps the gore).

Any remake with Michael Bay involved is stupid. The original wins.

I actually don't like the original, it just felt like a cheap cash-in riding the coattails of Halloween, but it did have a neat twist and that scene with the arrow through the bed, so at least it offered something new. The remake is polished but soulless and forgettable, and while the twist was cool in the original I do like having Jason as the villain in the remake. I'll go with the original as it's more memorable.

I think that this is one of the rarest cases where not only the remake of a horror movie is good, but it's actually BETTER than the original. The first Friday he 13th from 1980 was basically just a Halloween clone in a camp setting. In fact, the series really only started to get good at the sequel, when Jason was actually in it, which the first one didn't have. Plus, (as far as I know) this film had the highest budget of the series, and it shows. The directing is great, the acting is some of the best in the series, the special effects are amazing and the kills are brutal and bloody. I prefer the 2009 remake the most.