V for Vendetta vs. Batman Begins



Ah, the thrilling Batman Begins actually inspired me to watch it's masterful thematic brother, V for Vendetta, once again. "Beneath this mask there is an idea, and ideas are bulletproof."

Batman Begins simply had a stronger storyline for the protagonist and a slightly stronger supporting cast. Batman Begins for the Win!

Gotta go with V, more inspiring.

Both top 30, Batman wins.

Great two movies but im going to go with V

V is 1 of the few superhero movies i like, BB is not.

V for me

Ooh, I knew what you were thinking. How dare you pick on V for Vendetta but I'm not. V for Vendetta's awesome, and so is Batman Begins.

Very, very close but I'm going with Batman BEgins

V for Vendetta > Every Christopher Nolan vehicle.


Batman Begins is much better