The Usual Suspects vs. The Godfather Part II



I just love The Usual Suspects too damn much.

Pt II is better than the Usual Suspects

Part II is too much for TUS.

Both awesome, Part II beat it.

Don Corleone beats Keyser Soze.

The Usual Suspects can't beat The Godfather.

The Godfather Part II is just... better...

Keyser Soze takes down Michael Corleone in a battle for the ages.

The Robert De Niro section of Godfather part 2 is some of the best acting and cinematography in film history. TOS is great but nothing best Godfather Part 2

You can't beat GF2. It's just impossible unless if you are the first GF.

Suspects by a virtual coin flip...

Usual Suspects < The Godfather 2

Usual Suspects is a define choice here...

I really care for either to be honest...


Godfather ll is far better film.

The Godfatther II is a masterpiece but The Usual Suspects has the more gripping/thrilling story and a mind-blowing ending , so I'm gonna go with Suspects

The Godfather Part 2 wins pretty comfortably